Bail & Bond Hearings

Bail and Bond Hearings

Bail and Bond Hearings 

Holmes, Moore, Waldron, and Parrish PLLC offers expert representation at bail and bond hearings for our clients in the local area. By setting bail and bonds, both the federal and state courts are able to have more confidence knowing that the defendant will appear at their appointed court date. 

Setting bail is different depending on each county and is dependent on where the defendant is being held. The amount of bail is typically set at a high enough rate to ensure that the defendant appears on their trial date however it shouldn’t be too high that it is an oppressive measure. 

Once the defendant has been arrested, there will be a bond that is set by the judge. This amount can be reduced however a hearing may be required. During the hearing, a judge will take into account details such as the seriousness of the charges, the work record of the defendant and the length of their residency. Other considerations include the defendant’s local and family ties, and prior criminal history. 

In addition to these factors, the judge will also consider whether or not the defendant has fulfilled the terms of prior bonds and if there are bonds still outstanding. They will also look at the circumstances and nature of the crime to determine whether or not there may be a flight risk. If the defendant is remanded, there will be no bail set and the defendant will need to remain in jail until trial. 

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